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sciatica treatment with our Roseville chiropractor

If you’re looking for a chiropractor who can help to relieve the pain you’re experiencing from sciatica, than call the skilled profressionals at Olson Bros Chiropractic. We provide expert, skilled care in examining, diagnosing and treating your sciatic pain as quickly and safely as possible. This is a condition we deal with often in our office and we have successfully helped to ease our patients’ discomfort many times over the years. Our gentle, yet highly effective spinal manipulation serves to realign lower back joints that may be pinching connected nerve endings and, subsequently, causing sciatic pain to radiate down the leg.

How We Can Help

The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body and extends all the way from the lower back down through the leg and reaches to the tips of your toes. Consequently, when a "bulging", "slipped" or herniated disc in the lower back pinches this nerve, the pain can be excruciating because it covers such a large area. This kind of structural misalignment is exactly the kind of problem that chiropractic care can help to fix. In independant studies it was clear that the most effective form of Sciatica treatment was Chiropractic manipulative therapy. A chiropractic adjustment is basically a hands-on manipulation of the spine in order to gently place the joints back into position. This manipulation reduces the pressure on the associated nerves and allows them to heal. The best part about this type of treatment is that it quickly gets to the root of the problem in a non-invasive way, without the need for painkillers that may cause problematic side effects including addiction.

We Can Treat You if You’re On Worker's Compensation

If you are experiencing sciatic pain as a result of a work-related injury and you are receiving worker’s compensation benefits, we are happy to treat your condition and are well versed in working with your Employer's Worker's Compensation insurance company. We have treated many workers over the years with this type of insurance and we understand the time-sensitive importance of relieving your pain, getting you back in optimal physical shape and back to work as quickly as possible.

Affordable Chiropractic Care for the Whole Family

Dr. Dan & Dr. Dennis are proud to serve the members of the Roseville, ST. Anthony, New Brighton, Columbia Hieghts and NE Minneapolis communities with an excellent, all-natural way to relieve pain and preserve your physical health and mobility. We believe in the importance of promoting a holistic, healthy lifestyle for the whole family so we strive to make our services affordable for everyone. We want to reduce, as much as possible, the financial barriers to pursuing quality, non-invasive treatments that support ongoing wellness and physical strength.

New Patient Special

In the spirit of providing affordable care for the community, we are pleased to offer a new patient special of $37! This price includes an exam, x-rays and consultation as well as your first chiropractic adjustment. Now is the time to experience the wonderfully healing benefits of all-natural, holistic pain management.

Call today to schedule your first appointment. We look forward to serving all of your chiropractic wellness needs!

For Just $37...

New patients get an examination, consultation, x-rays and report of findings with the doctor AND your first adjustment!


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