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Olson Bros Chiropractic Offers Massage Therapy in Roseville

If you've seen high-end spas and luxury hotels advertising massage therapy as one of the many perks they offer to their wealthy clientele, you could certainly be forgiven for assuming that this form of care was nothing more than a fancy way to bust stress and pamper yourself.

But while massage definitely can and does reduce stress levels, it can also do a great deal more -- especially as prescribed under the supervision of such skilled health and wellness practitioners as our two chiropractors, Dr. Dennis Olson and Dr. Daniel Olson. Olson Bros Chiropractic is proud to offer medical massage therapy in Roseville as one of our many safe, drug-free healing modalities.

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What Can Massage Therapy Do for You?

Soft tissue manipulation has been recognized for its curative powers for countless centuries, and it remains remarkably effective for treating a wide range of complaints. Its ability to relax tight muscles makes it a powerful form of pain relief; especially since muscle spasms can cause not refer pain throughout the body, contributing to everything from tension headaches to fibromyalgia pain. Depending on what type of massage therapy you receive, you can also experience such important benefits as:

  • Easier control of high blood pressure
  • Improved quality and quantity of sleep
  • Fewer prenatal aches and pains
  • Improved circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Reductions in depression and anxiety
  • More flexible muscles
  • Better immune system response
  • Accelerated injury rehabilitation 

An Integral Part of Your Health, Wellness and Rehabilitation Plan

Massage therapy partners well with other conservative healing methods -- especially chiropractic care. If you're planning on undergoing chiropractic treatment, you may want to schedule massage therapy as well. Preliminary massage sessions that loosen and relax the muscles can make the subsequent chiropractic adjustment sessions even easier and more productive.

Different types of health challenges may call for different massage approaches and techniques. The most common variety seen in spas, Swedish massage, is especially good at stimulating circulation/drainage, relieving tension, and loosening muscles near the skin surface. It's a common feature in many types of care, including preventative wellness and headache relief.

If you're suffering from deeply-buried muscle tension or scar tissue buildup, you may need the stronger strokes of deep tissue massage to free yourself from chronic pain and stiffness. If you're plagued by muscle knots known as trigger points, trigger point therapy is the obvious solution for releasing those areas of tension. There are also situation-specific forms of massage such as prenatal massage (which aims to support your health and comfort throughout pregnancy) and sports massage (which focuses on the muscles and connective tissues that see the heaviest use in your sport).

Ask Us about Massage Therapy with a Chiropractor in Roseville

Whatever your current condition may be, you can almost certainly enjoy substantial benefits from massage therapy -- and Olson Bros Chiropractic is the place to get it. Contact us at (651) 633-0155 to schedule an initial consultation about massage therapy in Roseville!

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