Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain in Roseville

Chronic pain can cause severe impairment in an individual’s ability to participate in normal life. It can affect the ability to do tasks, enjoy recreational activities, and even socialize comfortably. Traditional medicine offers a number of treatments for chronic pain conditions, but these often provide only partial relief or involve strong painkillers or invasive surgery. A Roseville, MN chiropractor can provide effective treatment for chronic pain problems, without the use of drugs or long recovery periods, so you can live more effectively and more comfortably.

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Understanding Chronic Pain

Minor aches and pains are common, but when an injury or condition causes chronic discomfort, it becomes a different type of experience. In chronic pain, the pain messages continue to be sent to the brain, even though the injury or condition has healed. The pain may be sharp or dull, intermittent or continuous. Generally, pain is considered chronic when it lasts for more than 12 weeks. The long-term discomfort can affect all areas of life, and can even induce depression. Finding effective relief for long-term pain can be challenging, but alternative healing methods are becoming more widely used in the treatment of this type of pain.

Causes of Chronic Pain

The most common chronic pain conditions involve back pain, headaches, arthritis, discomfort after trauma, post-surgical pain and nerve involvement. Auto accidents, work injuries, major surgical procedures, cancer, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and other conditions may result in chronic pain problems. Reliance on over-the-counter pain medications, or strong opiate compounds, comes with a risk for addiction or other medical problems. For individuals who prefer an alternative option, chiropractic care can offer relief without these effects.

Treatment for Your Chronic Pain Condition

Chiropractic care for chronic pain in Roseville, MN offers a drug-free, non-invasive option that can effectively relieve pain and improve quality of life. Your Roseville chiropractor can provide manual adjustment of the spine to relieve pressure on nerves that leads to pain. Massage therapy helps to improve circulation in affected areas, to bring better nutrition and blood flow to affected areas. Nutritional supplements can also be helpful in relieving chronic pain. Ergonomic changes can reduce strain on painful areas of the body, so they can learn to function more effectively. These and other therapies can help to change the pain messaging in the body so that you can live pain-free.

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Dr. Dennis Olsen, Dr. Dan Olsen, Dr. Kevin Drake and the experienced staff at Olsen Brothers Chiropractic are committed to providing quality care for their patients in Roseville, MN, and surrounding communities. We offer manual adjustments, activator treatments, spinal decompression, cervical compression extension traction, corrective exercised, cold laser therapy, massage therapy, nutritional counseling and lifestyle advice. We also provide orthotic therapy to promote proper spinal alignment.

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